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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Making Squash from Watermelons

I noticed my "watermelon" plants were not viney.  I thought maybe I go some type of hybrid, well, really hoping that is the case.  I began researching and comparing pictures.  I have learned that I was sold the wrong seeds at the feed store. 


The seeds turned out to be squash seeds and now I have two beautiful non-watermelon squash plants. I bought the seeds at our local feed store and the seeds were coated in a blue coating which is some chemical that encourages germination.  I did not question the seeds, I mean, why would I?  The seeds had the same shape and size as the watermelon seeds.


Here are the pictures of my squash plants.

So now, I am going to go to Home Depot and purchase some watermelon seeds.  It may be a bit late to plant them but by George I am going to plant those babies!

I am wondering how many other people in Cooke county are growing squash instead of watermelon...


  1. I was guessing that you had planted squash and melons too close and they cross pollinated...That results in a very icky squatermelon.

  2. OMG!!! That is hysterical! But, I was sold squash seeds instead of watermelon seeds. At least I will have plenty of squash to pass around. I planted the watermelons yesterday and should be picking them by the end of August. Ah well, it turned out to be a good story to tell...